Therapeutic Grade essential oils with YOUR Brand Name.

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Filling 15mL, 30ml, 2oz.  4oz.  bottles for an essential oil private labeling order.

The Very Best Quality Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Blends, Massage Oils  with your Logo & Brand Name.

About Essential Oil Private Labeling
 Genesis Essentials provides essential oil private labeling using therapeutic grade Essential Oils. We will need a single template per size bottle, example: for a 15ml bottle we will need a 1 5/8" x 2 1/2" apx depending on the style of the bottle you choose. We will than take your template and create all the blends if you choose, or just the fast moving 6. and the same goes for the 30ml bottle. So you will have a minimum start costs on your labels which can be very expensive.

                 We then bottle, cap, label and pack your order and ship to you or your destination of choice. We handle both small (200 bottles) and large orders 10,000 units, with low minimums. We ship to your location or warehouse (no drop-shipping). For more infomation please contact us.

Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

NOTE: We do not bottle any product intended for internal or oral use.  This does not mean that our essential oils are of any less quality than any other essential oils. It just means that we think that in almost all case, internal use is not the best use of essential oils.

All of our Essential Oils, Blends and Massage Oils are available for private labeling including:

Essential Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Massage Oils
Custom Blends – we can create blends or massage oils with your formula or you can use one ours.

Quality Assurance

We are all about quality, not price. Cheap essential oils are often of low-quality and diluted or mixed with synthetic oils or fragrances, And, at the same time, we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible while still maintaining the highest standards. Samples upon request.

We are very proud of the quality of our Genesis Essentials brand of essential oils. We source, bottle and sell only the finest essential oils available anywhere and we will do the same for you. If we Private Label essential oils for you, they will be of the very same high quality that we bottle under our Genesis Essentials Brand.

Please note: We do not sell oils that are intended for ingestion. Internal use of essential oils.

Our standard bottles for Essential Oil Private Labeling include:

Essential Oil Bottles: Amber Glass or Cobalt Blue – 15 mL, 30ml, &  4oz

Massage Oil Bottles: Amber Nonreactive Plastic – 4 oz & 8 oz

All  glass essential oil bottles include black caps or white caps which ever you prefer along with  euro-dropper, tamper evident proof.
Other sizes are available.


There is only one way to do this:
Design your own labels, Send us one template per bottle size and we will make any label using your original template just changing the name of the blend along with its botanical name.......
Design your own labels, send us your design, and we will print the labels and apply them to the bottles.

Our labels are printed on high gloss water and oil-proof label stock.
Our standard size label is 32mm x 85mm (1.25″ x 3.35″). This works well for 10mL & larger bottles.
Your account specialist will send you guidelines for designing your label. We’ll walk you through the whole process!


Essential Oil Blends

We bottle pure essential oils or “ready-to-use” essential oil blends that have been diluted to the proper proportions. You can select blends from our Private Label Catalog, and rename them to suit your brand. We can also make blends using your formulas, as long as they meet our safety guidelines.

How  soon will I get my oils?

It depends how prepared you are to move forward with the project. It generally takes about one week to create the label and finalize your order, one week for bottling, and one week for shipping. Basically 4-6 weeks, soup to nuts....

We require 50% upfront and the balance prior to delivery.


Please speak with our account specialist to arrange samples.

Prices / Catalog check out our selection.

Private Label pricing includes oils, bottles, caps and labor. There are no hidden charges here. Shipping is actual shipping cost. We will personally deliver to you and try and save the shipping charges if it is in our vicinity.. 60-240 miles apx.

Minimum order for Essential Oil Private Labeling

200 bottles per sku 1/2oz. bottle

100 bottles per sku 1oz. bottles

200 bottles per sku carrier oils

100 bottles per sku essential oil blends.

Packing & Shipping

We package each bottle in a cardboard box seperately for extra protection, and this save you when you ship,  it is already protected. Additional fees may apply for puttiWe can ship to you, your store, Amazon or any other destination. All shipping fees are additional. We charge exactly what the shipping provider charges us – no handling or convenience fees. We are located in North Carolina and ship anywhere in the US and worldwide.

Drop Shipping

We do not drop ship.

How  do I get started?

To get started, fill out the contact form. You will receive an email and than a follow up phone call. Please when emailing us send a synopsis of what you would like to do.

Wholesale & Bulk Orders

As an alternative to private labeling, you can buy our essential oils and aromatherapy products at Wholesale or Bulk prices, and sell them under our brand name (Genesis Essentials) If you are interested in creating a Wholesale account or placing a Bulk order, please contact us. Your account specialist can help you determine which type of order is right for you.

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